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The VanSlyke team is here to help you

find your dream home

Click here to start your search for Your Dream Home

Follow these easy steps and find your dream home.

  1. In search bar add your specific location (i.e. Avon) or the zip code (i.e. 46123) (this will bring up everything that is for sale in your desired location)

  2. Narrow your search by adding your desired Price Range, Bedrooms, Bathrooms and/or Square Footage. (don't be afraid to select the highest price you could possibly think about)

  3. Click Search

  4. Click on the property and read all about each house

  5. Once you've gathered your list of house options that could be your dream home and are ready see the inside

  6. Send your list of addresses to

Email and say:

Call or Text:


or Fax:

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